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What Tools Do The Removal Companies Use?

Brisbane House Removals

When it comes to offering house removals the professional removalists would use certain specialised tools and equipment that will help them move furniture and fittings of various sizes with perfection and safety. Every reputable Brisbane removalist is impeccably trained with the tactics of using these tools in the best possible way to make the most of them

On this page, let us discuss the tools that these removalists would use to move heavy assets.

Lifting Straps and Ropes

The removalists at times need to move furniture and fittings that are too heavy and cumbersome to pass through stairways and doorways. Thus, the removalists need to lift and pass all these furniture and fittings through the windows, balconies and various other larger openings. This is where these ropes and lifting straps would come handy. The professional removalists who are into home removals would use a combination of these lifting straps and ropes to relocate these furniture and fittings. Besides, they might use those shoulder dollies to ensure a safe and secure lift.


Dollies are the MUST-HAVE tools in the kitty of the professionals who are into Brisbane house removals. In fact, the dollies are considered one of the most essential types of tools needed by these professionals. They come in handy for these removalists during seamless relocation of even the heaviest assets. These dollies come in various sizes and capacities, helping the professionals to move even the heaviest stuff safely and securely, without inflicting any damage to the furniture.

The dollies are the best tools that help in very fast and prompt loading and unloading of assets into and from the trucks. They come in handy in moving pieces of huge furniture, different types of electrical appliances, boxes of various dimensions and the likes. The larger versions of dollies come in handy for the removal of heavier furniture and fittings like cabinets, couches, electrical and electronic appliances of different dimensions, boxes of different sizes and weights and the likes. So the removalists will use various dimensions of dollies to come up with the best and safest removal of assets of various dimensions.

Furniture Sliders

Understandably, this particular tool is designed to help the experts of the removal companies in Brisbane to move the heaviest of the furniture in a fast, flawless and hassle-free way. It is not only that moving these colossal furniture need an Herculean effort, improper movement of these furniture may cause minor and major damages and scratches on the walls, the floor, the door and window frames and panes and even cause injury to the removalists. This is where these furniture sliders will make a difference. These specially designed tools are meant to help the professionals to slide instead of lift and move the furniture from place to another. Thus, these tools come in handy while carrying furniture up and down a staircase and moving up and down the truck.

Apart from these tools, the professionals will use forearm forklifts, which are more or less similar to shoulder dolly except the fact that the harnesses in these forearm forklifts are meant to be attached to the forearms, rather than the back and the shoulder.

That is why it is important to hire the best removalists as they have access to these tools, resulting in flawless movement of assets. If you are in Brisbane, call AuSafe Removals to assist you in your move as we are the best in the business.

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