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Is Finding Removalists for House Removals in Brisbane A Tough Task?

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You might have seen or heard many people damage their furniture and appliances or lose important documents while shifting. This kind of issue occurs with those who manage such complicated tasks independently. It has been seen that when people decide to hire removalists in a hurry for house removals in Brisbane, they also run into such problems. Hence, if you are planning to move, it is better not to come to any conclusion unless you are sure.

If you are thinking about the best ways to get safe relocation and reliable transportation services, hiring a team from a well-renowned removal company is better. You need to understand that though there are many removalists, you can only trust professionals to offer a stress-free house removal service. To know how to successfully hire them without wasting time and making strenuous efforts, you must go through the points explained below in detail.

Importance of Doing Thorough Research

It is vital to do thorough research, and you can start by getting some good references from your family members, friends and colleagues. To get a better insight into the reputation of the companies offering house removal services, you can check the reviews and ratings of the previous clients.

Kind of Services Offered

Many think a removal company offers a wide range of services such as house, piano, office, man with a van in Brisbane, student removal, etc. However, that is not true. Only an esteemed company is renowned for providing the best service and exceeding customer expectations. Hence, you need to check and have the best knowledge about it to avoid facing problems at a later stage.

Prepare Budget & Get Quotes

You need to prepare a budget and get quotes from different companies to know who is charging how much. This way, you will successfully hire the best local removalists in Brisbane for safe removal services within your budget.

Warranty to Get a Peace of Mind

Hiring removalists who are ready to offer a warranty for the service is a smart way to get peace of mind. Therefore, you must feel free to ask the team before making your final decision.

Other Things

Apart from all these, you need to check whether the removalists are experienced and trained, whether the company is insured and certified to offer house removal service, what kinds of packing tools and materials they have, whether they offer storage facilities, etc. The more precise you are, the better decision you will make.

AUSAFE REMOVALS is the name you can trust if you are looking for professionally trained, skilled and experienced removalists to help you with house relocation. Whether it is packing and moving your heavy furniture, appliances or delicate items, you can trust us to help you efficiently. To book an appointment with our experts, you can call 0451589005, and for any other query, you can email We will reply to you soon. One thing that you can be sure about is getting the best house removals in Brisbane at a cost-effective price.

What Questions Do You Need to Ask Before Hiring Furniture Movers?

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Are you looking forward to hiring the best furniture movers? Well, that’s a very prudent move to take as you must make sure that your furniture is taken care of and handled by the best furniture removalists of your area. However, you must be careful as well, while opting for a removalist. You must make sure you pick up the best one of them to ensure that the best and the safest measures are taken to deal with your assets. For that, you need to ask a few questions. The answer you get to these questions will tell you whether the name you put stakes on is good enough to service.

Are You Experienced?

This is the first and foremost question you need to ask a Brisbane removalist. You must ensure that the removalist you are willing to put stakes in has the experience of moving assets of similar type and proportion. This will give you a good night’s sleep over the fact that your furniture is at the safest hand. These professionals will use all their expertise and experience to come up with the safest and fastest service.

Are You Fully Insured?

Again, this is another very essential question to ask before putting stakes in the removalists. You must know whether the removalist you are eyeing on is fully insured. If yes, it will save you from the financial burdens in the event of any loss or damage of assets (no matter how unlikely it may be). So comprehensive insurance coverage will indicate that the removalist in question is the safest.

Do You Have the Latest Tools and Equipment For Moving?

It is not humanly safe and possible to move colossal furniture and fittings. That is the reason, the best and the most qualified furniture movers in Brisbane will use a wide range of the very latest moving tools and equipment – something that will help them move the furniture and fittings pretty fast and safely. The tools will help professionals maneuver with the furniture through the narrow staircases and gateways, and even lower them from a higher storey to the ground floor in case of absence of adequate space. The tools will also help the assets to be moved safely without any damage to the walls.

Do You Offer Provisions of Using Your Own Packing Boxes and Accessories?

Again, there are certain movers who offer packing boxes and accessories to their customers, while there are some who do not do so. You must ask which category of removalists does the moving company belong to. Always prefer picking up the movers who offer packing assistance. Packing prior to being moved is a pretty hectic job and it is better handled by the professionals. These professionals know how to pack which type or furniture, how to handle them during the move and hence are the safest. Even the accessories they use are of the best quality and they augment the safety of your assets.

Do Your Offer Weekend Discounts and Fast You Turn Up

Last but not the least, you need to ask whether they offer any weekend discounts, and how fast do they turn up.

So you see, you need to ask these questions and depending on the answers you receive, AuSafe Removals is the best Man With a Van service in Brisbane to turn to. Call us to book our service today.

Safety Precautions for Office Removal in Brisbane- Things You Must Do

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Are you planning to shift your office to a new location? If the answer is yes and you want to manage the relocation process on your own, then there is no need to do anything in a hurry. You need to understand that office removals in Brisbane or moving in and out is not just about packing and transportation; it is also about loading and unloading things safely and ensuring that everything is done and completed on time in the best possible manner. You need to follow some safety tips to avoid any problems. To get the right idea about it, you must follow the tips explained below in detail.

Steps to Ensure Safety During Office Relocation

Employee Training and Awareness: If you are thinking of taking the help of your employees while shifting your office, then the first thing you need to do is make them aware and hire a specialist to give them training. They should have the best idea about how to safely lift furniture, computers, and other things, how to use the lifting equipment, and how to avoid any problems safely. You must also ensure they have the best idea about safely packing your office belongings.

Personal Protective Equipment: You must also ensure employees can access the best personal protective equipment (PPE), like steel-toed shoes, gloves, back support belts, etc.

Quality Packing Tools: One of the most important things you need to do is buy the best quality packing tools, such as boxes of different shapes and sizes, bubble wraps, plastic wraps, cardboard boxes, plastic containers, etc. The expert office removalists in Brisbane also use all these things to pack the things and transport them to their customer’s new destinations safely.

Transportation: You must also hire the best transportation service provider. To do so, you need to spend time doing good research. You can also ask your friends and family to help you find a trustworthy company.

Storage Facility: If you need time decorating and setting up your new office, you should look for a safe and secure storage centre where you can keep your things.

While these are the things you can follow to relocate your office safely, if you think carefully, you will know that hiring specialists to train the employees, buying quality packing materials, looking for transportation and storage facilities, etc., is costly and time-consuming.

The best thing you can do to avoid problems and save time is to hire cheap removalists in Brisbane, a renowned company. As they are trained, insured, certified and offer a service warranty, you do not have to take any stress.

AUSAFE REMOVALS is one of the best companies renowned for offering safe and smooth office removal services. Our removalists are highly trained and experienced and have excellent skills to help you move smoothly and on time from your old office to a new one. So, if you are looking for a trustworthy team from a renowned moving company to help you professionally and efficiently, this is your destination. To book an appointment or hire our experts for office removals in Brisbane, you can call 0451589005. You can also send an email to, and we will reply to you soon.

Speeding up Your Move – Tips from Your Favourite Local Removalists


A seamless move is important to start with. However, moving quickly is equally essential. Firstly, it will reduce your moving woes, and secondly, it will help to contain the moving price. That is because the companies that are into removals would take into account the time taken to tag the price of the move that they conduct. Thus, moving fast is equally important. On this page, let us discuss the tips that the professionals will convey to speed up the move. 

Preparing for the day of the day of the move

When you plan to move even with the help of the local removalists in Brisbane CBD, you have your task cut out. You need to spend the afternoon preparing an action plan. You need to create a solid strategy that will guarantee that the relocation proceeds as per your plans and will reduce your stress levels, thus helping you move without experiencing too much annoyance and hindrance. The steps for preparing for your move are mentioned below: 


Creating a comprehensive list

Even though it might seem tedious, creating a moving checklist turns out to be really helpful before you start looking for removalists in Mitchelton. Your to-do list will be easier for you to memorise if you write it down or type it; this will help you avoid wasting time trying to remember what needs to be done. This is quite helpful if you’re moving abroad.

The checklist is supposed to include: 

  • Getting in touch with the utility companies to schedule the cancellation or shutting off of the services on and from the day of the move
  • Setting the forwarding conditions of your mail
  • Making note of any item or task that is important is something you do not want to forget 

Setting the Budget

Setting a budget for the move might help you cut costs throughout your move, which can otherwise be expensive. If you can afford a full-service relocation or if you must do it yourself, your money will play a role in that decision. Setting a reasonable moving budget will help you avoid spending more money on your relocation than you can afford. And when you hire a reputable company that offers local removals in Deception Bay, they will offer the best service at a reasonable price, further lowering your moving expenses. 

Hiring a moving company

You’ll be able to decide whether to use professional movers or do it yourself once you’ve established your budget. If you plan to hire movers, now is the time to compare the best movers. Begin by asking friends and family for recommendations. Before making a choice, compare quotes from various businesses. If you’re relocating within the city or out of state, looking into the finest cross-country movers will give you more options. For different sorts of relocation, you might want to consider a specialised moving service. Or if you are relocating in or around West End, you must hire the best movers in West End. 

So following these steps while leading up to your moving day will speed up the process significantly. 

What better name can you opt for than AuSafe Removals if you are in and around the Brisbane CBD. Call us to book an appointment with our experts.

How To Safely Pack A Piano and Transport? Learn From Expert Removalists

Piano Transport

Are you planning to relocate to a new city in search of a better job and life? If the answer is yes, then it is a great decision. However, if you are worried about packing and transportation services, then you don’t have to because professional removalists in Brisbane are always ready to help. The main aim of the experts is to offer safe and stress-free relocation services without giving any kind of trouble to their customers. If you are thinking about the price which you have to pay to hire them, then you don’t have to take any stress because they are renowned for offering exceptional service at a cost-effective price.

Now, many people think that the job of professional removalists is just to help them relocate to their new destination. Though this is true, the experts also offer much more than what they can think or imagine. They do give good packing and organising tips advice to the customers so that they can shift and arrive on time without facing any kind of issue. If you want to get the right idea about it then you should check out the points that are cited below.

piano removalist

Tips To Safely Pack & Transport A Piano Packing 

  1. Measure Piano: The first thing which the expert team does is measure the size and check the piano’s weight. They do take note of everything to avoid facing any kind of problem at a later stage. Hence, you should also do the same if you do not want to end up wasting your time afterwards.
  2. Quality Packing Materials: The expert piano removalists in Brisbane always use high-quality piano packing materials. They even make sure that the packing boxes are of the same shape and size so that the piano fits in it perfectly. Hence, at the time of buying the packing materials, you need to keep this in mind.
  3. Vehicle: Now when it comes to transporting the piano, the professionals make sure they have the right size of vehicle. They safely load and keep the musical instrument in it and make sure it reaches the new destination on time without any issues.

So you can easily follow these tips to transport your piano to the new destination. But if you are busy and don’t have the time to manage such a task, then it is better to hire a professional man with a van in Brisbane. As they have been in the industry for years and offer a warranty for the service, you don’t have to take any kind of stress.

Your search for a professional removalist whom you can trust to offer the best packing, loading, and transportation service ends here because AUSAFE REMOVALS is your destination. Our team are well-trained, experienced, and renowned for offering the best moving service at a cost-effective price. As we do offer a warranty for the service, you do not have to take any kind of stress. To book an appointment and hire our removalists in Brisbane, you can call 0451589005, and for any other query, you can send an email to We will reply to you soon.

Is Hiring Professional Furniture Removalists A Cost-Effective Option?

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Relocating is one of the most stressful and time-consuming tasks. People do face a lot of problems when they have to shift to a new destination in search of a better job. If you are also planning to shift to a new city and looking for ways to manage everything without fail then hiring expert furniture removalists in Brisbane is the best decision you can. They are the ones on whom you can trust and rely to help you professionally and efficiently.

However many people believe that hiring expert removalists for home relocation services is not a smart idea because they will ask for a higher price. They do have such kind of opinions just because they never tried to find out what is the truth. If you are also having the same view and due to this you are hesitating to hire them then you should not. It is better to first understand whether hiring professional house movers in Brisbane is the right call or a costly decision. You will get to know about it after going through the points that are explained in detail below.

Important Things You Need To Know

1. Professional removalists possess great skills and have years of experience. They will not just help you in packing and unpacking your appliances, heavy furniture and other things but will also make sure it is safely loaded in the moving truck.
2. Managing the relocation process can be much more complicated than you might think if you are shifting for the first time. You have the buy the best and right size of packing boxes and other materials. This does take a lot of time and in case if you fail to do so then you will end up wasting money. On the other hand, professional removalists in Brisbane are always well-equipped with the latest tools and equipment. They will come and pack everything in such a way that you don’t have to worry about anything.
3. The expert Brisbane local furniture removalists don’t hesitate to offer a warranty for the service so hiring them is a smart decision that you can easily make.
4. Another reason to hire professional furniture removalists is that they can also offer storage facilities. So you don’t have to look for a place where you can keep your things safely till the time you set up your new home.

Thus by hiring expert Brisbane house movers, you can safely reach your new destination right on time with all your furniture.

So if you are looking for professional removalists who do specialise in offering quality service at an affordable price then you have come to the right destination. AuSafe Removals has an experienced and trained team whom you can trust to provide the best removal service. As we do offer a warranty for the service you don’t have to take any kind of stress. To hire our furniture removalists in Brisbane you can call us at 0451589005. If there is any query you can send an email to We will reply to you soon.

What Tools Do The Removal Companies Use?

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When it comes to offering house removals the professional removalists would use certain specialised tools and equipment that will help them move furniture and fittings of various sizes with perfection and safety. Every reputable Brisbane removalist is impeccably trained with the tactics of using these tools in the best possible way to make the most of them

On this page, let us discuss the tools that these removalists would use to move heavy assets.

Lifting Straps and Ropes

The removalists at times need to move furniture and fittings that are too heavy and cumbersome to pass through stairways and doorways. Thus, the removalists need to lift and pass all these furniture and fittings through the windows, balconies and various other larger openings. This is where these ropes and lifting straps would come handy. The professional removalists who are into home removals would use a combination of these lifting straps and ropes to relocate these furniture and fittings. Besides, they might use those shoulder dollies to ensure a safe and secure lift.


Dollies are the MUST-HAVE tools in the kitty of the professionals who are into Brisbane house removals. In fact, the dollies are considered one of the most essential types of tools needed by these professionals. They come in handy for these removalists during seamless relocation of even the heaviest assets. These dollies come in various sizes and capacities, helping the professionals to move even the heaviest stuff safely and securely, without inflicting any damage to the furniture.

The dollies are the best tools that help in very fast and prompt loading and unloading of assets into and from the trucks. They come in handy in moving pieces of huge furniture, different types of electrical appliances, boxes of various dimensions and the likes. The larger versions of dollies come in handy for the removal of heavier furniture and fittings like cabinets, couches, electrical and electronic appliances of different dimensions, boxes of different sizes and weights and the likes. So the removalists will use various dimensions of dollies to come up with the best and safest removal of assets of various dimensions.

Furniture Sliders

Understandably, this particular tool is designed to help the experts of the removal companies in Brisbane to move the heaviest of the furniture in a fast, flawless and hassle-free way. It is not only that moving these colossal furniture need an Herculean effort, improper movement of these furniture may cause minor and major damages and scratches on the walls, the floor, the door and window frames and panes and even cause injury to the removalists. This is where these furniture sliders will make a difference. These specially designed tools are meant to help the professionals to slide instead of lift and move the furniture from place to another. Thus, these tools come in handy while carrying furniture up and down a staircase and moving up and down the truck.

Apart from these tools, the professionals will use forearm forklifts, which are more or less similar to shoulder dolly except the fact that the harnesses in these forearm forklifts are meant to be attached to the forearms, rather than the back and the shoulder.

That is why it is important to hire the best removalists as they have access to these tools, resulting in flawless movement of assets. If you are in Brisbane, call AuSafe Removals to assist you in your move as we are the best in the business.

How do Movers Pack Appliances Before Moving?

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One of the stiffest challenges that households face at the time of a move, is packing their assets. More so, when things come down to packing the electronic appliances, they have to be pretty meticulous. Their objective is to ensure that they come up with the safest packing for their electronic and electrical appliances so that they can be moved unharmed and unscathed.

The safest way for them to ensure flawless packing of the appliances is to put stakes in the professional movers in Griffin. These professionals will use all their experience and expertise to come up with some meticulous packing of your appliances so that they remain absolutely safe during the transit. On this page, we shall discuss the methods these professionals would follow to pack the appliances.


Packing the refrigerator for the move involves multiple steps. Refrigerators would need specified moving tools, like a fridge dolly, to be moved. The professionals will wrap the fridge around in big, heavy duty bubble wrappers and then put the fridge in a suitable box before putting it in the refrigerator dolly. The professionals will ensure the appliance is protected and treated with extreme care, just like the fragile items during the move.

Stoves and Ovens

Stoves and ovens are extremely fragile items that can easily get damaged during the move. That is why the movers in Warner, like any other place, would take specific steps to protect your stoves and ovens during the transit. They would suggest heavy-duty cleaning of the entire stove and oven. They will remove the oven’s racks and other removable parts, like the dip pans. They will ensure that the dials are in the correct position and then pack. The movers will use a protectant and wrap it up with either heavy-duty plastic or a blanket, followed by heavy-duty bubble wrap to provide some extra protection.


When it comes to the removal of dishwashers, the movers in Scarborough would suggest leaving the door of the dishwashers open for 48 hours prior to the move. This will help the water at the bottom of the dishwasher evaporate. While wrapping, the professionals will wrap up the hoses using some old towels and packing paper and pack them separately with the holders and racks. Then the appliance is packed with the help of heavy duty bubble wrap to ensure that the appliance is protected optimally during the move.

Microwave Oven

While packing the microwave oven, the movers in Stafford will remove the glass tray, ensure that it is clean, and then wrap it up in heavy duty bubble wrap. They will coil up the electrical cord and tape it to the rear of the unit. They will finally put the appliance in a well-padded box and fill up the gaps inside with moving pads to provide extra protection.

Washing Machine

When it comes down to packing a washing machine, you need to have the hoses separated by the plumbers, after which you need to set them aside to dry before the movers arrive. The movers will wrap the hoses in old towels or paper and pack them up separately. They give the most importance to the drum while moving. They will coil the cord and tape it up to the rear of the machine, then pack the appliance with the customary heavy duty wrappers and put it in adequately sized boxes. They will also strap the lid to the machine so that it does not rock during the move.

So these are the ways the professionals would follow while wrapping up the appliances prior to the move. Thus, you see, hiring professional movers always counts. Call AuSafe Removals if you are in and around Brisbane. Call us now to book our service, or email us to get an online free quote.

Factors That Movers Take Note Of Before Removing Furniture

Furniture Removalists Brisbane

Furniture removal is always a complicated task for the movers due to the sheer weight of the pieces and their unusual shapes and sizes. In fact, there are other factors as well that need to be considered for the safe removal of these items, and here, we will take a look at the same. For this reason, going through this post will be beneficial for you if you are in Brisbane and want to get your furniture removed.

Examining the Weight and Size of the Furniture Pieces

In the first step, furniture removalists in Brisbane will assess the size and weight of the pieces to determine the tools and techniques that they need at their disposal to remove them safely. Moreover, examining these two will also help the movers take the right approach to remove the pieces through the access points. In addition, if packing needs to be done, these two factors help the movers to pack the pieces appropriately to keep them safe from damage during their transport.

Evaluating the Access Points

Secondly, before the Brisbane furniture movers can initiate the removal process, they will examine the accessibility of your space. They will exclusively measure the size of the entry and exit points, staircase, doorways, etc., to develop a moving strategy. In addition, they will look for narrow areas that might be challenging for the removal process. Also, if there are any potential obstacles, the movers will consider the same for convenient furniture moving.

Assembling and Disassembling Furniture

The next important factor that the movers in Brisbane will consider is whether the pieces will have to be disassembled before they can be moved. This is an essential point to consider since this helps in easy moving as well as packing. Moreover, if furniture pieces are properly packed, they can be protected from damage that can occur due to collisions. At the same time, movers will also consider reassembling the pieces in their new place after their removal.

The Fragility of the Items      

Generally, all furniture pieces are fragile since they are made of wood. However, some pieces can be a bit more fragile. The movers will assess the same so that they can position them appropriately in the transport truck.

The extra fragile items need to be kept separately, away from the heavier items, to protect them from colliding with them.

Teamwork Required to Move Furniture   

The next important point that the professionals offering moving services in Brisbane will need to consider is the teamwork required to move the pieces.

Typically, movers require more workforce to relocate heavier furniture compared to lighter ones. In addition, they will need to employ advanced techniques to keep them safe. Besides, they will coordinate with each other to move these pieces without making mistakes.

Hire The Best Furniture Movers in Brisbane Today 

To hire professional furniture movers in Brisbane from AuSafe Removals, call 0451 589 005 any day since we are open 7 days a week. To get a moving quote, click the ‘Get a Quote’ button and fill in the details.

Why Choose Local Removalists For Home Or Office Moving?

Local Removalists South Bank

Moving your home or office can be costly. But you can avoid spending too much if you hire local removalists in the Brisbane suburb where you are located. But apart from the affordability, there are a few other reasons why you should hire local removalists. Today, we will take a look at them so that you can make the right decision if you are planning to relocate the items in your home or the establishment.

Hiring Locals is Always Reasonable   

One of the major reasons why choosing local removalists in Newstead and the other Brisbane suburbs is the right choice is that they are always affordable. Since they are competing with other removal companies, they will always keep their rates cheap compared to larger removalists. Moreover, since they operate primarily in the suburbs, they can easily keep their overhead costs low. Also, these removalists are familiar with the local routes which help them complete the transportation of items on time.

Personalised Service

The next reason why hiring local removalists in South Bank and other Brisbane suburbs works is that apart from being cheap, they will let you personalise the service. You can expect this type of flexibility only from these professionals since they generally have a smaller clientele.

From choosing a cheap packing service to opting for a safe storage solution, they will meet most of your needs. Thus, when you are already getting these at the best price, you can remain stress-free.

Fast Response

The third reason why you need to hire local removalists in Kallangur or the Brisbane suburb where you are located is that these professionals respond to their client’s requests swiftly. Moreover, they answer service-related queries quickly as well to satisfy their clients. This increases their chance of getting hired. So, if you are looking to get your home or office moved within a day or two, for instance, you should bet on the locals. They will be easily available and willing to do the job for you without breaking the bank.

Local Movers are Friendly

Fourthly, you should choose local removalists in Coorparoo or the suburb where you are situated since they are friendly and understand the needs of their clients. Apart from their services being cheaper, they will ensure that your home or office items remain undamaged during transportation. This is a matter of reputation and professionalism. Besides, since they belong to the local community, if you have any suggestions regarding moving specific items, they will follow them word by word.

You Can Hire Local Removalists At Your Convenient Time

Whether you want to move your home or office, you need to schedule the service at your preferred time. Generally, due to heavy demand, larger moving companies will let you know the time when they will be available to move your items. On the contrary, the local movers near you will arrive at your specified time since they receive fewer assignments.

These are some of the important reasons why you need to choose movers nearby. However, before you schedule a service with them, make sure they can accomplish the relocation safely.

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