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Facts That You Shouldn’t Miss Out on About Piano Moving

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Do you have a huge piano in your home? Are you planning to relocate soon? This means that you have to do something about your piano if you are also planning to take it along. But before you plan anything, there are some important facts about piano moving that you should know.

Pianos are expensive and delicate equipment at the same time. So, when it comes to moving home and, thereby, the piano, you need to know the right techniques to handle it, especially if the process is long-distance. If you find yourself incapable of handling a piano, you must opt for affordable movers in Brisbane. Make sure that they are experts in handling pianos while helping you save a lot of money on the relocation.

Further, you may have heard of various myths or misconceptions that arise about the logistics, risks, and costs involved in the piano moving process. But now, you will learn about the real facts about it in order to plan your steps carefully. This blog is meant to help you move your piano in a smooth and seamless manner while helping you avoid taking wrong turns.

So, it’s high time that you go through the following facts and discover the untold truth about piano moving:

Pianos Cannot Be Moved Up and Down Stairs – Myth 1

One of the most common myths that is often heard is that pianos cannot be moved up and down stairs. This has made many people take their steps back from performing the task. This might have made you think that stairs are an impenetrable barrier. But the truth is, they are not. It is undoubtedly challenging for anyone to move their piano up or down stairs, but it is possible with the help of the right tools and techniques. Professionals offering piano removals in Brisbane can make it look like a cakewalk if you let them do the job.

Moving a Piano Long Distance Can Damage It – Myth 2

Whoever has started saying this, if possible, find them and ask them whether they have any proof regarding the same. It is undoubtedly true that moving expensive and huge equipment like a piano long distances is risky, but it is unlikely to get damaged if it is safeguarded in the right way. In fact, you will always want it to be protected and padded in the perfect manner to prevent damage during long-distance transportation and handling. Hiring the best movers can make the task look so easy!

Professional Piano Movers are Expensive to Hire – Myth 3

Professional piano movers are not expensive at all. If they are experienced and have maintained a good track record of delivering excellent results with piano moving, they are meant to understand your budget and, accordingly, provide you with an estimate while obviously maintaining dignity. Further, hiring them is a lot better than carrying out the relocation by yourself. With them, everything, including your piano, is safe and secure.

You should target the best team of piano movers near you. This way, you can make the entire process seamless while ensuring that your piano is in capable hands. Investing in them is meant to help you experience the best removals in Brisbane. They also offer quick services, which means that you can expect the moving process to be completed in the fastest manner possible.

Piano Moving Made Easier & Better With AuSafe Removals!

If you are based in Brisbane, choosing AuSafe Removals as your ideal companion on your journey to a successful move is the best option for you. We will dedicatedly take good care of your piano, no matter how big it is or how long the distance is. Call us now at 0451589005 to learn more about us and get started with the relocation with our specialised team of piano movers in no time!



How to Move Your Tonne of Books to Your New Home with Ease

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Are you a bookworm? If yes, it is impossible to imagine the number of books you have in your home. But are you now wondering how to move them to your new home? Shifting a tonne of books to a new home can be daunting since this is your first time. So, to help you with this and keep your move smooth and steady, this blog is for you!

Firstly, it is recommended that you hire top removalists in Annerley in order to keep your move secure and seamless. Secondly, you should ask them whether they can help you with the shifting of your books, which are huge in number. Their wide range of services may include this, so be sure beforehand by questioning them. If they take on the responsibility of moving your tonnes of books to your new home, you can ensure that they are in good condition throughout the journey.

But if you believe that it is more sensible to self-manage the move of your valuable books, consider going through the following tips now:

Decluttering First

Take a look at your collection of books and check whether you really need all of them in your new home. Check if you have already completed reading some or many of them. Make a list of the ones you already read. Consider donating or selling those books to someone. This way, you can lighten the load of your books during the move, and your removalists in Scarborough can make sure that they are safe throughout the transportation and unloading. Decluttering should be done first, so you should make a list of books you need or want in your new home and sell or donate the ones left out.

Gathering Supplies

The right packaging materials are essential for the safety of your books. Consider using sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, packing papers, and markers for labelling. If you want better protection for your tonnes of books, you should use plastic bins with lids. This way, you can ensure that they are in good condition throughout the move.

Categorising and Organising

When it comes to moving your books, sorting them out is a must. Now is the time for you to arrange them by genre, size, or any other way that makes sense. This will help you unpack them easily when you reach your new home. Once you have them in order, you won’t face problems when it comes to organising them on your bookshelf. You can also ask your local removalists in Warner to organise them while you get some rest.

Protecting Your Books

Books are delicate as well as valuable. So, if you want the best protection for them during the move, make sure that you wrap them in bubble wrap or use packing papers to prevent damage. While they are being transported, you can expect major jerks down the line due to the ups and downs of the streets. So, using bubble wrap or packing papers can be an ideal way to keep them safe.

Amidst everything, your target should be to hire the best team of removalists. This way, you can count on an exceptionally seamless move while having your dearest books protected in the best manner possible. Get started now!

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At AuSafe Removals, we ensure the best home moving services at all times. Our team knows the finest ways to take good care of your precious books. So, call us now at 0451589005 and let us take the best care of them and make the entire move exceptionally seamless!

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