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How do Movers Pack Appliances Before Moving?

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One of the stiffest challenges that households face at the time of a move, is packing their assets. More so, when things come down to packing the electronic appliances, they have to be pretty meticulous. Their objective is to ensure that they come up with the safest packing for their electronic and electrical appliances so that they can be moved unharmed and unscathed.

The safest way for them to ensure flawless packing of the appliances is to put stakes in the professional movers in Griffin. These professionals will use all their experience and expertise to come up with some meticulous packing of your appliances so that they remain absolutely safe during the transit. On this page, we shall discuss the methods these professionals would follow to pack the appliances.


Packing the refrigerator for the move involves multiple steps. Refrigerators would need specified moving tools, like a fridge dolly, to be moved. The professionals will wrap the fridge around in big, heavy duty bubble wrappers and then put the fridge in a suitable box before putting it in the refrigerator dolly. The professionals will ensure the appliance is protected and treated with extreme care, just like the fragile items during the move.

Stoves and Ovens

Stoves and ovens are extremely fragile items that can easily get damaged during the move. That is why the movers in Warner, like any other place, would take specific steps to protect your stoves and ovens during the transit. They would suggest heavy-duty cleaning of the entire stove and oven. They will remove the oven’s racks and other removable parts, like the dip pans. They will ensure that the dials are in the correct position and then pack. The movers will use a protectant and wrap it up with either heavy-duty plastic or a blanket, followed by heavy-duty bubble wrap to provide some extra protection.


When it comes to the removal of dishwashers, the movers in Scarborough would suggest leaving the door of the dishwashers open for 48 hours prior to the move. This will help the water at the bottom of the dishwasher evaporate. While wrapping, the professionals will wrap up the hoses using some old towels and packing paper and pack them separately with the holders and racks. Then the appliance is packed with the help of heavy duty bubble wrap to ensure that the appliance is protected optimally during the move.

Microwave Oven

While packing the microwave oven, the movers in Stafford will remove the glass tray, ensure that it is clean, and then wrap it up in heavy duty bubble wrap. They will coil up the electrical cord and tape it to the rear of the unit. They will finally put the appliance in a well-padded box and fill up the gaps inside with moving pads to provide extra protection.

Washing Machine

When it comes down to packing a washing machine, you need to have the hoses separated by the plumbers, after which you need to set them aside to dry before the movers arrive. The movers will wrap the hoses in old towels or paper and pack them up separately. They give the most importance to the drum while moving. They will coil the cord and tape it up to the rear of the machine, then pack the appliance with the customary heavy duty wrappers and put it in adequately sized boxes. They will also strap the lid to the machine so that it does not rock during the move.

So these are the ways the professionals would follow while wrapping up the appliances prior to the move. Thus, you see, hiring professional movers always counts. Call AuSafe Removals if you are in and around Brisbane. Call us now to book our service, or email us to get an online free quote.

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